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Essential Listening: 7 Songs to Get Familiar with PinkPantheress

The British breakout star is tipped as one of the biggest pop acts of 2022 – here’s what you need to hear

Are Bluetooth Headphones Safe: Here's What You Need to Know

Are bluetooth headphones safe? Everything you need to know to keep your ears safe as you enjoy your audio listening experience.

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How to find the best headphone stand for your NURAPHONE - How to get a stand that will keep your device safe and look good doing it?

What is Noise Reduction: Perfect Your Audio Listening Now!

What is noise reduction? Read our guide on how to suppress background noise and enjoy your audio experience to the fullest.

Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC, Mac and Linux

Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC - Find out how to connect your Nuraphone to your personal computer on PC, Mac or Linux, with this guide.

How Christmas Music Became the Holiday Gift That Keeps on Giving

When is it OK to start listening to Christmas music? Where did the Christmas album come from? 'Tis the season to find out!

Essential Listening: 7 Tracks to Get Familiar With A-Trak

Want to hear some of the Fool’s Gold founder’s finest? Here are 7 you need to check out. Words by Sam Willings

How A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs’ Fool’s Gold Records Carved Its Own Path

Find out more about Fool's Gold Records founded by DJs A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs. Words by Sam Willings

6 of the Best Halloween Scores to Give You Chills and Goosebumps

Ready to get spooky? These are sure to make your hair stand on end. Words by Sam Willings

The Evolution of MIDI and How Its Impacted Music and Education

From Lil Nas X to TOKiMONSTA, MIDI keys are everywhere in music. Learn about the history and use in this article. Words by Sam Willings

Best True Wireless Earbuds: Learn More About Bluetooth Earbuds

best true wireless earbuds

High Quality Headphones: Perfect Your Listening Experience

high quality headphones

Best Wireless Earbuds for iPhone: Read Here To Learn More

best wireless earbuds for iphone

Sound Not Coming Through Headphones: Nura Troubleshoot

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How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones: Read Step-By-Step Guide

how to pair bluetooth headphones

What is Distortion, and Why is it Such an Important Effect in Music?

Time to turn it up to 11. Words by Sam Willings

Classical Music Month 2021: An Introduction to Classical Music in 8 Songs

Ease yourself into classical music with these amazing compositions.

11 of the Best Classic Rock Tracks to Crank Up to 11 on Father’s Day

We take it back to the 60s and back up to the 00s to get to grips with dad rock.

The Best Earbuds For Working Out: Choose Yours Today!

What are the best earbuds for working out?

What is Reverb, and Why is it Such an Important Effect in Music?

Reverb can be as expansive as a galaxy or as tiny as a cupboard under the stairs – someone will find room for it in their music, either way.

Introducing NURABUDS - The only earbuds with two ways to listen.

Big sound in our smallest device. Find out everything you need to know about NURABUDS.

Bluetooth Gaming Headset: Find The Best One For You!

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Introducing NURATRUE — The Best Wireless Earbuds

Best Wireless Earbuds

Essential Listening: 10 Amazing Songs You’ll Hear Differently With Your Nura Profile

Love these songs? You’ll love them even more now.

Introducing NURATRUE - Our New True Wireless Buds!

Find out everything you need to know about our new true wireless buds - NURATRUE.

Essential Listening: Best 10 tracks to get familiar with Khruangbin

Strap in; we’re setting off on Air Khruangbin and soaring into their delicate universe.

Slicing Up Sound: A Brief History of the Sampler

Sampling is fundamental to a plethora of genres today. We take a look at the machines that enable producers to flip samples and cook up beats. Words by Sam Willings

Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones 2021: Read Our Guide Now!

Best noise cancelling headphones

How TikTok is Shaking Up the Music Industry

Dance challenges, duets and longboarding are bringing new music to the masses. Read about how TikTok is changing the music industry. Words by Sam Willings

Best Sound Quality Gaming Headset: Buy The Best Gaming Mic

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Great Albums You Can’t Find on Streaming Services 

Streaming services have it all – well, almost. Words by Sam Willings

Best Wireless Earphones for Android: Find Yours Today!

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Record Store Day: Six Reasons You Should Start Collecting Vinyl Records

Not celebrating Record Store Day submerged in your vinyl collection? Here’s why you should be. Words by Sam Willings

How Does Noise Cancelling Work: Read Here To Find Out More

How does noise cancelling work? Read on to find out.

Can Gaming Bring Fans Closer to Their Favourite Musicians?

Fortnite, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto and Call Of Duty are among some of the unexpected means of cultivating new fan to artist relationships. By Sam Willings

Best Microphone For Streaming: Find Best Gaming Microphone

Our guide to choosing the best gaming microphone.

Interview with Nura's Head of Product, Jono Yap

Find out more about product design at Nura through this interview with our Head of Product, Jono Yap.

Wireless Headset for PC: Buy The Best PC Headset Now!

Choosing a wireless headset for gaming can be tough. There are so many choices! Here we give you everything you need to know to make your choice.

Earbuds vs Earphones vs Headphones: Know the Difference!

Earbuds, earphones or headphones... they all have their uses. Find out which one might be best for you.

Barbers, Banquets, Cardi B and Cosplay: The Weird World of ASMR

Whether you’re relaxing, studying, or just in need of some social bonding, this brain-tingling corner has it all.

The Best Headphones for Music: How To Find The Best For You

How do you find the best headphones for all your music-listening needs? Read on to find out.

International Jazz Day 2021: An Introduction to Jazz in 11 Songs

Ready to dip your feet into the deep blue ocean of jazz? Here are some picks to get you started. Words by Sam Willings

Synesthesia and Music

What is synesthesia and how do synesthetes experience music? Find out more.

Nura Live From Home — Taia

Following her Nura Live From Home performance, we talk with Taia about her musical inspirations and latest release.

Essential Listening: Best 10 Tracks to Get Familiar with Folamour

Get to know the soulful French artist as he gears up for the release of his next album. Words by Sam Willings

Interview — Cory Allen

We talk to author, podcast host, meditation teacher and audio engineer Cory Allen about binaural beats and the Nuraphone.

Nura Live From Home — Maya Vice

We interview Melbourne musician Maya Vice, after her Live From Home performance.

How Music Affects Productivity and Focus

How does music and sound affect our productivity and what can we do to improve it? Read on to find out.

Ten Iconic Albums Celebrating Major Milestones in 2021

These iconic albums are celebrating major milestones in 2021, but you may be surprise at how long they have been around.

How Do We Develop Our Taste in Music?

You know what music you like and don’t like, but do you know why? Words by Will Samuels

Moved by Music — Sam Wong

We caught up with photographer and filmmaker Sam Wong to talk about how music influences his work.

Essential Listening: Best 10 Tracks to Get Familiar with MF DOOM

As avid fans mourn the passing of the masked lyrical legend, we list the essential introductory tracks to the legacy of MF DOOM. Contributor: Sam Willings

Nura Live From Home — Josh Meader

We sit down with Josh Meader to talk about his early start in music and inspirations.

Our 2020 Highlights Round Up

Celebrating the positive moments and achievements of 2020, despite all the challenges.

Our 2020 Artist Round Up

Here is a round up of who you should be listening to this year, and beyond, from our network.

Our 2020 Tech Round-Up

Looking back at the year that was 2020… or at least the good bits! We’ll be bringing you our best round-ups from the world of tech, music and culture. 

Nura x Creators — Cam Portland

We caught up with Cam Portland as part of our Nura x Creators series and a first look at the limited edition NuraLoop.

The History of Gaming: Arcade to Next Gen

From Atari through PCs and PS5 we look at all the great consoles that made the gaming industry what it is today.

Reinventing the Headphone: From Nuraphone to NuraLoop

How we fit all your favourite Nuraphone features into the NuraLoop.

10 Iconic Tracks You Didn’t Know Were Samples

These artists integrated other music so brilliantly into their productions that you’d never know they didn’t write it. Contributor: Sam Willings

Our Top 5 Game Sound Samples in Popular Music

Some of your favourite songs are game sound samples! Don't believe us? Read on to find out which tracks make it onto our top 5.

Nura Live From Home — Allie Crow Buckley

We spoke to Allie Crow Buckley about her musical influences and latest single.

The Greatest Gaming Soundtracks of All Time

Gamer, content creator and former Mayor from New York, Ryan "Mayor" Reynolds picks his favourite gaming soundtracks of all time.

Record Store Day 2020

Find out how you can support Record Store Day 2020 online + our top picks!

Ingenious Ways Music Venues Are Dealing With COVID Restrictions

From Melbourne to London, how two clubs are navigating restrictions.

Are You Our Next Blog Contributor?

We're looking for writers interested in music, culture, science and tech. Sound like you? Read on.

Our Top 10 Most Influential Pop Albums

From Fleetwood Mac to Lady Gaga, here we dissect some of the most influential pop albums of all time.

How the Nuraphone Uses Music to Cool Your Ears

Did you know that the Nuraphone has a 'music activated' cooling system? Find out how it works!

Gaming Sound Design: Interview with Ben Lukas Boysen

We spoke to musician and sound designer Ben Lukas Boysen about the evolution of game soundtracks and some of his top picks.

Nura Selects — Music for Mindfulness

Tune in to yourself with a playlist curated especially for mindfulness. Here musician and producer, Martin Roberts, talks about why he chose these tracks for you.

Nura Live From Home — daysormay

We talk to daysormay about their music, projects and inspirations.

Our Top 5 Music Podcasts

A round-up of our favourite music podcasts.

Nura Live From Home — Laura Lee Lovely

Off the back of her Nura Live From Home performance, we sit down with Laura Lee Lovely for an interview.

The History of Headphones

We take you on a time travelling trip to the 1800s to uncover the history of headphones.

Iconic Music Videos Through (Recent) History

We break down the history of music videos through some of the most iconic in the genre.

Nura x Creators — Sabina McKenna

We talk to writer and curator Sabina McKenna for our Nura x Creators series.

Here at Nura, We Stand in Solidarity Against Racism and Injustice.

We are committed to becoming allies in the fight against racism & injustice. Here is how we're going to do that and what you can do to help.

Nura Live From Home — Your Grandparents

Our interview with Kyle DaCosta of Your Grandparents, following on from their Nura Live From Home performance.

How We Make Your Hearing Profile

Read about the science behind the magic. Here is how our devices make your personalised hearing profile.

Nura Live From Home — Marsicans

Following their appearance in our Nura Live From Home series, the Marsicans give us a little insight into their world.

Music and Movement

Whether you're running, dancing, playing sport or working out you need to read this post on how music can help.

Nura Live From Home — Madame Gandhi

Off the back of her recent Nura Live From Home performance, we asked Madame Gandhi a few questions about her music, inspirations and life.

Supporting the Music Industry

We're in this together. Here are some ways we can support the music industry during COVID-19.

Our Favourite Live From Home Videos

A collection of some of our favourite Live From Home and Together At Home performances.

The History of Active Noise Cancellation

Have you ever wondered how active noise cancellation (ANC) was invented? Read on to find out. Article Contributor: Esat Dedezade

Mood Boosters, Anxiety Busters: Music to Make You Happy*

Can music change your mood? Yes! We put together some tips and music suggestions to boost your mood.

Best Movie Soundtracks for Your Nuraphone

From Joker (2019) to Iron Man (2008) these film scores will sound amazing on your Nuraphone.

Tips for Looking After Your Piano

Our top tips for looking after your piano.

Nura's Working From Home Tips

Our top WFH tips and a couple of 'After Hours' suggestions to incorporate music into your day.

What's Your Sound — Billy Davis

We caught up with Billy Davis to take a peek into his studio and talk about his music.
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