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What's Your Sound — SHOUSE

Introducing What’s Your Sound: a new, intimate video series shining a spotlight on and exploring the unique musical world created by musicians, DJs and producers. Melbourne-based duo SHOUSE show Nura around their Collingwood studio and talk some of the songs and sounds that have shaped their musical journey so far.

SHOUSE are Ed Service of IO and The Harpoons‘ Jack Madin, two talented producers who have quietly been crafting some of the most contagious, in their words, ‘weird electronic’ music in the Melbourne musical community.

Of their multiple musical personas, the SHOUSE project is Ed and Jack’s most genre-defying: mixing dark house rhythms with lo-fi synths reminiscent of 80's pop. With a roster of collaborators from the likes of Banoffee, Oscar Key Sung, Alta and Leisure Suite, the duo are responsible for showcasing local talent in their OPENSHOUSE parties, and are building a community in their town as well a fostering grounds for new musical ideas.

Watch the What’s Your Sound interview to hear SHOUSE talking about how sounds heard in their childhood have influenced the music they create today, glimpse their synth-laden studio, and watch their first reactions to the Nuraphone.

Listen to SHOUSE’s latest single ‘Love Tonight’ here.

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