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What's Your Sound — Kiah

When Billie Eilish is telling NME mag that you’re one of her five favourite artists, you know you’re on a good track. “She has a song called ‘Ornament’, I’ve never heard anything like that song. Her lyrics, crazy. Production is insane. Her voice is crazy. Her flow is crazy.” Billie, you’re not alone. Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons fame revealed in an interview with 88Nine radio that he can’t stop listening to ‘Ornament’ either – “I found it so entertaining. I listened to it three times back to back...The production on that is absolutely phenomenal.” You know what, Billie and Winston? We agree. 

Kiah Victoria, the LA-based singer-songwriter with bewitching lyrics and a dreamy voice, stands out from the crowded field of R&B talents. When we sat down with her, she gave us some insight into her process and inspiration, and took us deeper into the meaning behind everyone’s favourite track, ‘Ornament’.

We sat down with L.A based singer-songwriter Kiah Victoria to talk about what inspires her.

"Everything is sound. Everything is waves of fluctuating motion. It feels very natural to be putting my energy behind that, and to continue discovering myself, and the world around me through vibration."

You can binge watch our full What’s Your Sound series on YouTube

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