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What's Your Sound — Jesse Perlstein

Name: Jesse Noah Perlstein
Can't leave the house without:
A Notebook

Jesse Perlstein is a New York multi-disciplinary artist and musician who experiments with field recordings, samplings and voice.

He is also a member of New York based Sontag Shogun, an experimental trio where he uses sound collage and treated vocals to harmonise with piano (Ian Temple) & piezo’d beats and oscillator tones (Jeremy Young).

In 2018 he created a series called Braided Sound which combines curated improvisational ensembles with site-specific graphic scores painted/composed by Perlstein, himself. The series tours internationally and has seen a plethora of cities in Japan, Western Europe, Canada & U.S. featuring artists such as Haco (JP), Moskitoo (JP), Booker Stardrum (US), Asuna (JP), Otto Kokke (NL), F.S. Blumm (DE), Shinya Sugimoto (JP), Echo Ho (DE), Andrew Bernstein (U.S.), Azumi Oe (US/JP) etc.

He has also held a performance/curation residency in Seoul, SK which led to a curated live-scored film series (VOVO)  but later transplanted in Brooklyn. He is also the cofounder of an emerging Chinese(-American) musician showcase called Da-Yin which he produced with fellow sound artist, Xuan Ye.

Jesse took a few hours out of his day to show us around his apartment in Queens and give us an insight into his recording and live set up for our ‘What’s Your Sound’ series.

Watch our full What’s Your Sound series via YouTube.

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