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Reinventing the Headphone: From Nuraphone to NuraLoop

When we set out to create personalised sound, we didn’t anticipate we would be reinventing the headphone from the inside out. From early research through to the final product—the Nuraphone—we examined every part of the status quo. Then, we had to do it all again when we created the NuraLoop. 

This time, we challenged ourselves to deliver not only personalised sound but all the other features you love about the Nuraphone, such as Immersion, Social Mode and extended battery life, in a much smaller package. Effectively, everything is different and utterly re-worked for the NuraLoop.

The main components such as the system chip—the central processor, which handles Bluetooth communication, does some of the processing, executes audio, controls the TouchDials and does most of the signal processing—had to be changed entirely. 

One of the most interesting, and challenging, aspects of creating the NuraLoop was porting over everything about our patented personalised technology to a much smaller, lightweight chip. It required a new type of Qualcomm chip to process the amount of data needed in creating the hearing profile and communicate back to the device and our servers. 

Other components such as the microphones and speakers also had to be adapted to deliver the clarity and depth we expect of our products and key features such as Immersion and ANC. While the Nuraphone has the added advantage of our patented Inova technology, creating bass you can feel in an in-ear device was a feat. 

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