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Our Top 5 Music Podcasts

Music lovers, lend us your ears! If, like us, you love music and everything about it you will love our Top 5 Music Podcasts. From taking apart your favourite tracks to song recommendations from some of your favourite people, read on for our round-up.

1. Song Exploder

Each episode is a journey into some of our favourite songs by the artists who wrote them. Taking apart their songs, from lyrics to riffs and the stories behind them, this is a music-lovers paradise. From Sheryl Crow through Slipknot and FKA Twigs, you will surely find your favourite track in here, but if you need a starting point, NME put together their favourite episodes here

2. Broken Record with Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Hedlam and Justin Richmond

With a tagline like ‘liner notes for the digital age’ and a suite of hosts that are leaders in their field, this is a podcast that gives you insight into the lives and music of some of your favourite artists. Hosted by Justin Richmond, and with interviews by one of the greatest music producers of our age, Rick Rubin, writer, journalist and TED-famous Malcolm Gladwell (no stranger to the world of podcasts) and NY Times editor Bruce Hedlam, these are conversations you wouldn’t have access to any other way. If you need to start somewhere, we recommend Episode 51 feat. the Beastie Boys and Spike Jonze.

Image by James Simpson

3. Water & Music

Hosted by award-winning journalist Cherie Hu and companion to her newsletter of the same name, this podcast will give you an incisive look across the music industry. From leaders, thinkers, innovators and artists Hu’s insights and interviews are some of the most insightful we have heard. 

4. Signal Path by Shure

The stories behind the music and the live shows, Signal Path is a show that unearths some of the most interesting stories about artists, producers, music engineers and more. As intriguing as they are interesting, these interviews will give you real insight as well as a few laughs. 

“Take a look behind the scenes of live music production. Discover what's involved in scoring for film and TV. Learn how artists and producers hone a signature tone. Or simply enjoy a good yarn about how analog tape can change somebody's life.” 

5. Take 5 with Zan Rowe

Every week host Zan Rowe invites a guest to pick five of their favourite songs around a theme. Giving you an insight into some of ‘your favourite people’ it’s a great way to discover songs from the point of view of artists turned into fans. From Rufus Wainwright to Tori Amos, these are the kinds of sonic recommendations you won’t get anywhere else. 

Now you have the scoop, grab your Nura device and get ready to listen.

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