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Our 2020 Highlights Round Up

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While 2020 has been a difficult year for many of us, we want to acknowledge the positive moments despite the challenges. If you're reading this, give yourself a big pat on the back for making it through so many world events from bushfires to social movements and a global pandemic. Today, we're taking the time to reflect on some of the achievements of our team and celebrate all the things we achieved, while migrating to working remotely across continents.


In May, we launched the long-anticipated NuraLoop. The follow up to the Nuraphone, with our patented personalised sound technology, a huge wireless listening time and the ability for Wired/Wireless connectivity, it's unlike an other in-ear device out there. Despite lock-downs and shipping delays due to COVID our team were able to ship over 15,000 pre-orders out. And backed it up by listening and responding to customer feedback with a firmware update.

Mine just arrived.. man the sound quality!!! Definitely worth the wait 🤟🏻🤟🏻 — Dilan S. via Facebook

We backed this up with an update for the Nuraphone that will change the way you game forever. The Nuraphone Gaming Microphone paired with the Nuraphone levelled up on the immersive gaming with depth, detail and precision to all your favourite games. Whether you're playing on your own or multiplayer with the ability to chat and collaborate... we think this is probably the last gaming headset AND music headphone you'll ever need. Here's what pro eSports players had to say about it: 

AMAZING!!! CHANGING THE GAME! Pun intended💯🔥😆🏆 — ego_chapo via Instagram

And you would think we would stop there, but just in time for the holiday season, the Limited Edition NuraLoop is a bold new addition to your Nura collection. There are no two alike, with every TouchDial featuring a completely unique multichromatic wave effect. After a bit of a glum year, now is the time to be bold, embrace colour and celebrate individuality! 

Nura in Japan! The NuraLoop was launched in Japan via Campfire and far exceeded our initial targets. From the initial target of 1,000,000JPY we are currently on 37,377,552JPY and going strong, thanks to our partner team there and a high demand for audio quality and portability.


Working together we're stronger! We were proud to be able to realise a few partnerships in 2020, starting with becoming the Official Headphones of the All Blacks. Music and sport are universal languages that bring people together – through this groundbreaking partnership we hope to bring them even closer together. We know how important music can be in setting a mood, helping with focus and even pushing through some of those gruelling training sessions. With so many of the team also avid music-lovers, this partnership is built on strong foundations. Watch this space in 2021! 

In 2020 we made important commitments to championing diversity and supporting Black musicians, artists and creators to whom we owe so much. We're pleased to announce that off the back of our announcement we partnered with Songlines (AU) and One Village Alliance (USA). Two organisations who build up their communities through music, educational programs and so much more. Apart from initial cash donations we continue to work with them in supporting their initiatives, as well as working on internal team training and strengthening our dedication to diversity and inclusion.


This year has been particularly tough on musicians and creators, with tours and concerts cancelled globally as the pandemic shut cities down. We made it our mission to shine a spotlight on artists around the world in our Live From Home Series and create opportunities for as many artists to be showcased across our social and digital platforms. If you'd like to support these artists, you can find a full list here, with links on where you can follow and stream their music.

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