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Our 2020 Artist Round Up

In 2020 we were lucky to be able to work with some amazing artists from all over the world. From those featured in our Live From Home Series to those who curated Nura Selects playlists for us, here is a round up of who you should be listening to this year and beyond. 

Live From Home 2020 

This year was a challenging one for many artists so we made a priority to shine a spotlight on as many as we could. Our Live From Home series got artists doing what they loved most from their homes all around the world, and it seems you also enjoyed this series — it had over 300k views. But if you missed it you can watch it here.  

Swagg R'Celious 

Producer, vocalist and songwriter whose most recent work with H.E.R. has won a slew of awards.

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Billy Mercury 

Soul musician and vocalist whose music will instantly put you in a good mood.

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Japanese based pop singer and songwriter whose catchy tunes cross language barriers.

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Future Thieves

At the very sweet intersection of pop and rock music. 

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Madame Gandhi

Kiran Gandhi is an American electronic music producer, drummer, artist and activist whose drumming you may have heard with Thievery Corporation and M.I.A.

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This British indie band are on the cusp of being huge - their debut album was released this year to great acclaim. 

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Mia Gladstone

Singer, writer and producer, Mia is a gifted lyricist. Her new EP just dropped so make sure you check it out.

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Your Grandparents

Genre-blending American music trio born from LA delivering superbly blended hip hop and RnB.

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Laura Lee Lovely 

Dream pop up-and-comer from NZ, Laura is definitely one to watch in 2021. 

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Black Pool

Dubbed as a bedroom pop star, Max Lindberg aka Black Pool delivers the most chill vibes going around.

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daysormay is Carson Bassett, Aidan Andrews, and Nolan Bassett, an alternative band from Canada.

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Michael J Moritz Jnr

Tony and Emmy Award winner, Broadway music supervisor, performer and pianist.

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Allie Crow Buckley

LA-based Allie Crow Buckley's music is of the high-lonesome, Pacific variety - a product of a life lived within a stone's throw of the ocean's roar. 

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Philip G Anderson

Multi-instrumentalist composer and artist creating truly unique music and featured on The Outlaw Ocean Music Project.

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Rakeem Miles

American rapper, singer, songwriter, artist and record producer from Baltimore, Maryland. Miles self-proclaims his own sound of "Alternative Hip Hop".

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Atli Örvarsson

Icelandic film score composer who brought us a truly chillingly brilliant Live From Home session.

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DJ Just Dizle 

Spinning vinyl that blends pop and dance classics.

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What’s Your Sound

Our What’s Your Sound series takes you right behind the scenes and into the homes and studios of artists around the world. While this year was a tough one for filming, we were thrilled to be able to create one feature but you can check them all out here.

Kennis Clark

Kennis Clark, LA-based now Atlanta living singer-songwriter, discovered himself amongst many others searching for their dreams in sunny California through sweet, sweet gospel produced to perfection.

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Nura Live 

Filmed in our very own Nura Lounge (pre-COVID) these sessions present intimate renditions of songs and feature brilliant vocalists and musicians. Watch the full series here.


Soulful singer channeling the likes of Aretha Franklin, whose single Sweet Thing will immediately be stuck in your head.

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Cosmic tunes and low-tempo dance, Luboku is an electronic artist who will captivate your imagination.

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Australian singer-songwriter, rapper and poet delivering unapologetic truth, self-service, self-belief and self-love with their eclectic brand of "melodic rap". 

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Moira Mack 

Soaring, soulful vocals that will make you stop in your tracks. 

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Nura Selects playlist curators 

Our Nura Selects playlists are curated monthly by artists on a range of themes, some personal and some playful. 


NZ-based musician giving you a hypnotic blend of pop and contemporary RnB.

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Rory Viner

Tokyo based composer and sound designer whose highly experimental music is critically acclaimed. 

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Martin Roberts

Musician and producer whose Songs for Mindfulness saved our sanity this year. 


Hugh Augustine

Rapper and musician with a powerful message

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Goon Des Garcons

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Leven Kali 

Contemporary R&B, hip hop and trap musician. 

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Singer/songwriter and producer. Her music is an amalgamation of 90s R&B and her love for digital audio experimentation.

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Stars of track downloads 

Leo the Kind

The Boston-born singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, moves to his own beat and gives the world some positivity with his own alternative R&B style.

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Jordan Brando

Melbourne based DJ and producer Jordan Brando ('97) constantly turns heads with his unique brand of deep minimal-house heating up dance floors across the country.

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Tried the NuraLoop first 


Producer YAAK's sound explores new frontiers, teetering at the edge of musical experimentation and familiarity. 

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London Topaz 

Curating a profound, raw and emotive force, Melbourne's London Topaz serves electronic enthusiasts a signature, ethereal sound. 

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Indie dream pop from Melbourne. 

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Big Words 

A lush hybrid of alt R&B, indie-pop and soul.

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Cry Club

Queer bubblegum punk duo playing noisy pop indie. 

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Now you have your end of year listening sorted, please support artists if you can by streaming or downloading or buying their merch.

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