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Nura's Working From Home Tips

Whether you’re practising social distancing, in quarantine or complete lock-down, the below tips will help you organise your work day and keep up productivity levels. As a bonus, we’ve also thrown in some ideas for ‘After Hours’ activities that will help you fill in those weeknights and weekends. 

1. Set up your workstation

Set up a workstation in a space that has good lighting, adequate space and is free of clutter. This will help you focus, get you out of bed, and ensure the rest of your home can still be ‘home’. You can even mix it up by creating a new workstation every week.

Image by Luke Pownall

2. Get dressed for work

Getting out of your PJs and into something you would usually wear will immediately put you in a ‘work’ mood and ready for those conference calls. Or make it a fun activity and let your children or partner dress you every morning.

3. Routine 

Whatever you like to do as you’re preparing to start work in the morning, keep on doing it. Listen to some pumpy music or your favourite podcast for as long as your usual commute would take and then transition to some more relaxing work inducing music. Be your personal DJ!

4. Different soundscapes/music moods for work and break time 

Music can help you focus and put you in the work zone. We’ve got you covered with our ‘Working From Home’ playlist. Try playing different types of music for ‘work time’ and ‘break time’. You can even set up a ‘relaxation corner’ for yourself for break times.

Image by Madeline Bishop


5. Block out the noise

Suddenly found yourself with a different kind of colleague in the shape of a furry friend, housemate or kids? Active Noise Cancelling is your best friend. It gives you control of what sounds you hear while you work, especially when you need to focus. 

6. Regular Breaks 

Make sure you take regular breaks. It can be so easy to lose track of time without prompts, so set alarms for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea breaks. Give your eyes a break from screen time with alarms to look away/stretch or move every hour, even if it is just for a couple of minutes.

Image: Alex Albrecht by Amelia Stanwix

7. Now is a great time to think about your posture

Imagine your waist is a bucket full of water, sit in a way to ensure the water doesn’t spill over. Then pull your back straight and this is your ideal posture to aim for throughout the day. You can also alternate between sitting and standing, or a fit ball while you work. 

8. Turn on your camera for video meetings 

Stay in touch with your team via scheduled meetings. It’s tempting to just dial in but sometimes it’s nice to see people’s faces. In addition to taking you out of your home bubble, it may motivate you to brush your hair! 

After Hours

Here are some of our tips for breaking out of the work mindset and staying connected while you’re holed up at home.

1. Schedule Friday night drinks 

Friday night drinks don’t have to stop! Schedule a video call with your work colleagues and make sure you drink responsibly. Take turns playing DJ and get dressed up for the occasion, the more glitter the better.

2. Movie Marathon/Watch Party 

Have a ‘watch party’ with your friends without having to share your popcorn or snacks. Facebook, YouTube and Netflix Party let you watch together and discuss after. 

3. Workout 

You don’t have to eat all the pasta at once. Find a free workout video on YouTube to help you work up a sweat. If you have a balcony or backyard, it’s a great opportunity to get some fresh air too. Chuck on your favourite workout playlist and get it done. Invite your friends to join and have a digital gym party!

Image by Tasha Tylee

4. Power Clean 

Cleaning and organising can help you feel in control of your environment. It also gives you a sense of normal and ensures you wake up to a clean and tidy work station every day. Bonus: make your own cleaning playlist. 

5. Catch up on your ‘reading’ 

Now is the time to get back into audiobooks, if you haven’t already. Carve out some time in your day just to read/listen and be transported. 

6. Pick up a new hobby or skill 

Free online learning resources (Udemy, Future Learn, Facebook Blueprint etc) make it easy to pick up a new skill online, while you are at home. 

We hope these tips help you with your work day. If you need inspiration for your next playlist follow us on Spotify here.

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