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Nura x Creators — Sabina McKenna

For our series Nura x Creators we talk to creatives across the globe about the relationship between music and their craft. Here we caught up with writer and curator Sabina McKenna.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a writer and curator from Melbourne. I started a project called Where are you from in 2018, which is all about Australian cultural identities. My writing is usually done in interview style; covering art, identity and culture, and I have been published in a few places locally and internationally like Art Almanac, Broadsheet, Archer, Acclaim, i-D,G IRL (London), Ladies of Leisure, Catalogue Magazine, HCWBB and Hopes and Fears( NYC) - just to name a few!

What do you create?

Apart from words, I create experiences. When I founded Where are you from (WAYF) I wanted to construct a space for people of colour to connect and be open about their experiences growing up in a white landscape using art. I also wanted to explore this within a taditional format by producing something in a gallery. I feel like it’s not very often that we see art created for and by PoC in a commercial gallery setting. There is an imbalance there that I wanted to acknowledge. The WAYF website is kind of a resource for us to contextualise what it means to be of colour and living in Australia. Since that first show, it has grown into something I could have never anticipated and we have done exhibitions in Sydney, at The Other Art Fair in Melbourne, and have an event in the works to occur internationally. The latest series I have produced, that is yet to be released, is about textured hair. It’s the first time I have explored an intersecting topic with the project so I am excited to see how that turns out!

Image by Georgia R Haynes

Song that inspires you?

Final Form—Sampa The Great

Your go-to track when you have a creative block?

Say to Me—Milan Ring

Your celebration track?

LoveSensation—Lolleatta Holloway

Best track to de-stress to?


Your favourite Nuraphone feature and why?

I love the crystal clear bass I feel like you only hear half the song without it. That’s especially true for House and Disco tracks, the heavier the better.

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