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Nura x Creators — Cam Portland

Full name: Cam Portland
Based: I'm currently based in South West London, where I grew up, went to school and spent the majority of my life.
Cant leave the house without?
Well, now due to the pandemic I would have to say a mask, but other than that it definitely is my phone and headphones.

I'm usually either using my phone to talk to friends and people about upcoming projects or pieces I've made. Sound, sights and smells can trigger creative thoughts and when I'm out or travelling I may not have my sketchbook and equipment with me. I use my phone to create quick sketches or jot down ideas for pieces or projects.

Give us an introduction on who you are and what you do/how you express yourself:

I am an artist, illustrator and I run my own clothing line. I was always envious of musicians and writers that were able to express themselves through words and language. I'm not the biggest fan of public speaking and feel like I'm someone that at first, can seem a little closed off to strangers. At times I find it hard to verbalise how I am feeling. However, though my art, I feel like I can express how I feel in general. Whether that is my personal emotions or towards global issues such as political matters, equality issues, race and discrimination.

Images by Louis Bamford

What role does colour play in your work?

Colour plays a massive role in my work, I meticulously choose which colour I want to use to compliment and evoke the emotion of the piece. I also choose colour to get across to the viewer what I or the character within the piece might have been feeling at that time.

How do you create a space in which you feel inspired?

I didn't have much space to paint and draw during university so I learnt a skill to make the most of any given environment. As long as I've got headphones in or speakers, listening to music, podcast or a documentary, I can start to get into my zone.

In what ways do music and sound play a role in your creative process / What is the relationship between music and colour for you?

In my bedroom, where I set up a working space on the floor surrounded by my speakers. I like being fully immersed in loud music as this stimulates my creativity. My choice of music can unconsciously determine what colours I use. When I’m listening to reggae or soul I tend to use brighter colours within my pieces. However, if I’m listening to grime on a gloomy day I tend to use a darker palette.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

The UK scene is really thriving at the moment, from the likes of Knucks, Kelvin5star, Iamreid and Sam Wise. I’ve also been listening to a lot of early 2000’s Neptune produced beats. So a lot of songs from N.O.R.E, Jay Z, Kelis and Pharrell’s ‘In My Mind’ album.

Tell us about the first moment you tried the NuraLoop.

During the first lockdown, I started working out and going for 5km jogs but always had an issue with finding headphones that I could use whilst running which wouldn't fall out of my ears on the jog. So, when I saw that the nura loop was a Bluetooth headphone which had the design feature of looping behind your ears I was really excited. Also, the fact that the headphones could touch-sensitive pads which could be customised through the app. I found that the call quality was really good too, cancelling out any ambience sound and picking up my voice clearly.

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