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Nura Live with Ali Barter

Name: Ali Barter
Melbourne, Vic

Ali Barter’s second album, Hello I’m Doing My Best, leans full tilt into her special brand of emotive, candid pop-rock. Drawing inspiration from the thrilling turbulence of young adulthood and the lasting resonance of the bad decisions one makes in their early twenties, the raw vulnerability of the album’s lyrics hit very close to home. 

Ali swung by Nura HQ to give us a girl-and-her-guitar performance of ‘January’, the sixth song off the new album. The song takes aim at new year’s resolutions with lines like “I made it through the year again with Diet Coke and cigarettes”. Give it a listen above and learn more about this rising star from our interview with her below.

Describe 'you' to our audience

I'm a female singer songwriter that plays and writes 90s influenced grunge pop music.

What influence does your environment have on your music

I find that when I'm out of my comfort zone, whether that be in transit or in a new city alone, I tend to write more. My feelings are amplified. I think as an environment, something that is on the move is my optimum writing space. I'm untethered and out of control, that is, the train/plane/bus/car is moving and I just have to go with it.

Tell us about your new release and tour

I just released my second record 'Hello, I'm Doing My Best' and have been playing shows through Australia, Europe and the UK. It's been great. I have been concentrating on the sound and working towards constructing a really full and considered show. There are four people in my band including myself, drum, bass, and two guitars. We also use a little bit of track to add some sparkle and fill up the space. The tour has been really fun so far. Cant wait to get stuck back in, in 2020.

Tell us about the track you performed on the Nura live session

I sang my song 'January' for the Nura session. It's a song about new years resolutions and my failure at making them stick. It's a bit of a nihilistic view at self improvement, I really feel much more comfortable knowing that i'm going nowhere rather than planning for some magical projected future. It's just another day. I am much more effective in life if I stay in the present.  

What's your favourite track to relax to

I listen to a lot of Indian classical music. There is a lovely record by Eric Fraser of Evening and Deep Night Ragas. I cant relax listening to western music. It turns my brain on too much. So I like things that have no words. Sitars and tablas are just right!

You can binge watch our full Nura Live series on YouTube.

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