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Nura Live From Home — Philip G Anderson

Full Name: Philip G Anderson
Born: Virginia, USA
Based: Georgia, USA
Can't leave the house without? Some way of listening to music (my Nuraphones, earbuds, music library, etc..)

Describe your sound for our audience:
A blend of classical, ambient, and modern film score sounds, elements, and techniques. My music is almost always centered around piano and strings as well as human performance.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
I’ve certainly been influenced by Johann Johannsson, Max Richter, Joep Beving, Olafur Arnaldsand many others. Johann’s music in particular really opened my eyes and ears to a whole new world of music and composing styles. His album Orphee remains one of my most listened to albums.

Tell us a little about your latest single 'A Few Hours of Sleep'. What was the inspiration behind it?
A Few Hours Of Sleep is one of the tracks from my new album entitled Help Us. The album is part of the Outlaw Ocean Music Project which combines music and journalism to tell stories in a creative new way. I drew from years worth of reporting on the abuses and injustices that occur on the world’s oceans as inspiration for the album. I wrote A Few Hours Of Sleep as a reflection on reporting that crewmen on many fishing boats often work 18 + hour days every day and as a result only have a few hours of rest each night.

Image by Alan Weedon

I hoped to convey the emotion of those few moments of rest after having been forced to work for so long in such horrible conditions. Other pieces in the album cover similar topics such as the piece Trafficked, which I wrote in response to stories of Cambodian villagers being recruited for construction jobs and then trafficked out of the country and onto fishing boats where they often become debt bound to their captains/ships and in some cases even end up as slaves who are bought and sold. The music in the album covers stories of murder at sea, the uncertain and often terrifying nature of being a crewman on illegal fishing boats, and the ungovernable nature of the oceans where injustices and abuses can and do occur with impunity everyday.

The album, Help Us, is out now on all platforms.

For more information, check out the Nature X Design Virtual Festival discussion where myself, the NY Times reporter, and creative director speak about project, the stories and reporting, and the process behind creating my album here.

Follow Philip G Anderson:
Instagram: @philipanderson91
Twitter: @panderson91

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