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Nura Live From Home — Josh Meader

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Full Name: Joshua Meader
Born: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Based: Sydney, Australia
Can’t leave the house without: Headphones ;) …Nura

Describe your sound for our audience: 
My sound on guitar is inspired by a lot of different artists and styles of music. I predominantly play modern jazz guitar, but enjoy incorporating influences from styles such as Blues, RnB, Prog Metal and Hip-Hop within my playing and compositions.

Your music journey started from a young age. How did you first get involved with music?
Yeh I started at the age of 7, when I told my dad I wanted to play guitar like him! My best friend was having lessons with my dad at the time so I wanted to try it as well. Then my dad taught me and practised with me every morning before school for an hour until I was about 14 yrs old.

What music/projects are you working on at the moment?
I'm working on a lot of compositions, leading up towards releasing my debut album next year!

Who are your biggest musical influences?
I have a lot of musical influences and I’m constantly discovering new ones, but currently it’s Tigran Hamasyan, Animals As Leaders, Jacob Collier, Keith Jarrett, and Monte Booker.

Tell us about the first moment you tried the Nuraphone.
It was sick! Once I’d completed the personalised Nura device profile everything sounded insane! Absolutely huge!

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