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Nura Live From Home — Allie Crow Buckley

Image by Emma Marie Jenkinson

Full Name: Allie Crow Buckley
San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Can't leave the house without?
These days I can't leave the house without a clanking bag full of tinctures.

Describe your sound for our audience:
Bass heavy singer songwriter-esque

Who are your biggest musical influences?
Black Sabbath, Joni Mitchell, Todd Rundgren.

Tell us a little about your latest single 'Hanging Tough'. What was the inspiration behind it?
Hanging Tough was written for and in uncertain times, about hanging in there. Which is ever so relevant these days.

Tell us about the first moment you tried the Nuraphone.
A truly magical experience! Sonically I love music that is low-end heavy, it was so fun being able to hear some of my favorite songs with that dialled in.

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