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Nura Exclusive — Sasha’s ‘View2’ Live

UK producer Sasha has made a career crafting timeless club music, and each Nuraphone listener will recognise the ethereal beats and drifting synths of ‘View2’ - the carefully selected demo song that shows off the full power of Personalised mode. Today, we’re incredibly proud to premiere the live version of the track, performed at his sell-out London show at the Barbican, presented by LateNightTales.

One of the world's most innovative electronic music icons, spinning at the legendary Haçienda to residencies at a number super clubs across the globe and even a Grammy nomination, Welsh producer Sasha’s very first live shows at London's Barbican sold out months in advance. Watching the beautifully captured video of 'View2' there is little reason to wonder why.

Self-described as 'an exhilarating, terrifying challenge' Sasha's ambitious live show featured numerous musicians, vocalists and instruments ranging from multiple banks of keyboards and analogue percussion - including a live string section called Wired Strings, which transcendently recreated his 2016 album Scene Delete as well as a reinterpretation of iconic tracks from his back catalogue, including ‘Wavy Gravy’ and ‘Battleships’.

Like the studio version, exclusively heard as the demo song on the Nuraphone, ‘View2’ live simply soars, and effortlessly secures its spot as our chosen test track. Perfect to test balance as 'View2' covers much of the frequency range that orchestral works are known for - there's plenty of low-end heft in the song’s pulse to show off the Nuraphone’s bass control, which you can select yourself in Immersion mode and the harmonics reach high into the treble frequencies. Its spacious melodies leave plenty of room to test the level of detail the Nuraphone is capable of, and the rhythm and timing are outlined by the simple, solid beat before the track heads into a freer percussive mindset.

Sasha selects Fabriclive 99 - out June 22nd here.

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