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Introducing NURATRUE — The Best Wireless Earbuds

The NURAPHONE and the NURALOOP have revolutionised the way we listen to audio as the best wireless headphones and earphones, thanks to their high quality design, advanced technology and personalised sound. But what about the best wireless earbuds?

Earbuds have exploded in popularity as of late, and earbud users don’t deserve to be left out. That’s why Nura is back. This time, we’ve brought our high quality innovative listening experiences to the NURATRUE, a pair of earbuds that definitively earn the title of the best wireless earbuds.

So, how exactly do you take the experience of the NURAPHONE and convert it to the best wireless earbuds? Well...

Are the best wireless earbuds worth it?

Many think that the best wireless earbuds won’t compare to the best wireless headphones, as the latter has larger parts and more audio drivers. Surely, when the comparison is between earbuds and headphones, the headphones win, right?

Well, for starters, earbuds are more convenient. The best wireless earbuds don’t contain the wires that people tend to find cumbersome on headphones and earphones (which is why earbuds are also known as true wireless earbuds). Their real innovation though is that they are such a small device, yet they contain technology that is just as, if not more, sophisticated as those that appear in the best wireless headphones.

So, if you’re looking for an audio playback device that isn’t too bulky or uncomfortable, chances are you’ll find the best wireless earbuds to be worth it. Now, if you’re looking for the best wireless headphones that go the extra mile and provide you with a listening experience that can’t be replicated, then NURATRUE a.k.a. The best wireless earbuds are worth it too.

How to choose the best wireless earbuds for you

There are a lot of best quality wireless headphones available. But, if you’re looking for the best wireless earbuds, there are certain specific criteria that you should consider. This is because the best wireless earbuds need to not only meet those conditions, but exceed them.

Look at the NURAPHONE, a.k.a. the best wireless headphones. They provide the perfect example of headphones that offer more than just a good music experience. As the first of its kind, the NURAPHONE provides the perfect example for the best wireless earbuds to follow.

Much like its fellow Nura devices, NURATRUE does more than just play good audio. They offer exemplary audio as well as a host of other features that other earbuds can’t even try to come close to. Still don’t believe us when we say the NURATRUE are the best wireless earbuds? Let’s take a look.

Battery Life

One of the biggest worries that most people have regarding true wireless earbuds is that their battery life won’t be worth it. After all, not only do the best wireless earbuds need to constantly provide high quality audio, but they also need to use other battery draining technology such as bluetooth and active noise cancelling.

The NURATRUE offers 6 hours of constant playback, and 24 hours from the fast-charge case. The NURATRUE also communicates how much battery you have left, commenting:

— Your total battery percentage when you put them on.

— “Battery Low” when your earbuds need charging.

— “Battery Critical” when your earbuds are about to turn off.

That way, with the best wireless earbuds, you always know how much charge you have left and you’ll never be caught short.

The NURATRUE comes with a charging case that carries multiple full charges. Both the earbuds and their charging case take two hours to fully charge, meaning that you won’t have to wait long before your next listening experience with the best wireless earbuds.

Build Comfortability

This is where earbuds in general have an advantage over the best wireless headphones. Headphones can have a wide range of features, but there are certain instances where earbuds are better suited, such as during exercise or when you want your audio device to fit into your pocket. 

True wireless earbuds are compact, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The reason for this is that true wireless earbuds can be both convenient and uncomfortable. The  NURATRUE continues to be the best wireless earbuds as they circumvent this problem in many different ways, such as:

— Being built with high quality, durable materials.

— Containing different kinds of silicone ear-tips, each a different size so you can find the perfect fit for your ears.

— The NURATRUE  contains 4 tip options, 2 wing attachments and 2 foam tips.

— Being sweat-resistant with an IPX4 rating, so your true wireless earbuds won’t get damaged no matter how hard a sweat you’re working up.

Not only will both the NURATRUE  last a long time thanks to a durable build and a long lasting battery that’s easy to charge, but you’ll want to keep them in your ears.

Touch Controls

Control is an important aspect to have for the best wireless earbuds, as nobody wants earbuds that destroy the immersion of your listening experience because of poorly implemented touch controls. Earbuds don’t have the luxury of the best wireless headphones, as they are significantly smaller in size. Given the small size of even the best wireless earbuds, it takes true innovation to provide control while retaining listener comfort. 

The NURATRUE have simple yet intuitive controls, with each device having its own button that can be pushed or held to have different effects, from playback to volume control. Their effects can be customised from the Nura App, providing a whole new level of control to make your listening experience as comfortable and customisable as possible. 

Noise Cancellation / Isolation

Regardless of whether you’re using the best wireless earbuds or the best wireless headphones, a great deal of the audio experience depends on noise cancellation and isolation. While noise isolation is the act of physically blocking outside noise, noise cancellation occurs when a small speaker embedded within the earbud plays an inverse frequency to cancel out existing ambient sounds. While active noise cancellation is good for low frequency noise, such as droning, noise isolation is more effective at blocking more immediate high and mid frequency noises. 

The best wireless earbuds use both noise isolation and noise cancellation at the same time, like the NURATRUE. Not only do they contain the technology used for active noise cancellation, their small earbud builds are designed to fit inside the ear canal and block out external sound.

However, the noise cancelling capabilities of these earbuds can be toggled on and off by the function known as “Social Mode”. With the simple touch of a button, the user can both access and close off all of their surroundings to their heart’s content.

Personalised Sound

This is the pièce de résistance that makes the NURALOOP the best wireless earphones, the NURAPHONE the best wireless headphones, and of course, the NURATRUE  the best wireless earbuds. This is functionality that cannot be replicated by other headphones.

While there are many features that set the NURATRUE  apart, the personalised listening experience is what separates the best wireless earbuds from everything else. Not only does the NURATRUE  provide high quality sound and a build that is both comfortable and durable, but the best wireless earbuds also provide a listening experience that caters itself to you.

Through a sophisticated process, the NURATRUE  monitors how you listen to audio by reading otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) that resonate from your ear drum when you listen to a certain tone. They then generate a personalised profile that caters its audio playback to you. That’s right, you could spend ages looking for the best wireless headphones that will match your tech specs, or you can save time and go for the pair of best wireless earbuds that will match your music to your ears.

If music isn’t what you are looking for, your Nura purchase entitles you to three free months of Endel, an app that utilises personalised sounds to help you focus, relax and sleep. That’s right, whether you’ve got the best wireless headphones or the best wireless earbuds, you also get some peace of mind.


There is no benefit in damaging your ears for a listening experience. There’s no point in shelling out for any audio device, even the best wireless headphones, if they are going to cause irreparable harm. Our previous discussion was about build quality, comfortability, and the combination of noise cancellation and isolation. A pair of the best wireless earbuds must use all of these factors to provide a safe listening experience.

The NURATRUE is easy on your ears, thanks to their precise, comfortable build. Additionally, the combination of noise isolation and cancellation means you won’t have to worry about cranking the volume up to hear a part of your favourite song while you’re outdoors or on noisy public transport.

How Much Should You Spend on the best wireless earbuds?

Another reason why someone might choose a pair of earbuds over the best wireless headphones is that earbuds are cheaper in price.

Regardless, when it comes to the best wireless earbuds, you should be excited for the next generation audio experience you’re about to have, not worried about how much it is going to cost. If the best wireless earbuds in general are expensive, where’s the fun in that? That’s why we offer the NURATRUE at an affordable price. 

What are the best wireless earbuds?

Both NURATRUE continues the Nura standard of quality by being the best wireless earbuds, the same way the NURAPHONE is the best wireless headphones. Why is that?

Well, in case you skimmed to the end, the NURATRUE isn’t just your typical earbuds. We really mean it when we say they’re the best wireless earbuds. Not only do they provide a great music experience, they also:

— Are powered by long lasting batteries that are quick and easy to charge

— Are extremely durable and comfortable to wear

— Feature customisable and intuitive touch controls

— Use both noise cancelling and isolation to optimise the listening experience

— Prioritise the safety of the listener with their quality features

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