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Introducing NURATRUE - Our New True Wireless Buds!

Introducing NURATRUE - The only true wireless buds with our personalised sound technology. 

Introducing the only true wireless earbuds that personalize sound just for you. Just like our other devices, NURATRUE sonically shape music to your unique hearing. To deliver the same unparalleled listening experience in compact, lightweight earbuds, NURATRUE were built from the ground up. But all the technology that delivers our big, personalised sound to you is in there. 

Quick recap on how our personalised sound technology:

Using highly sensitive microphones, our devices listen for otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) containing information about your hearing. NURATRUE’s self-learning engine then creates a unique hearing profile, providing depth, detail and clarity like no other device can. Learn more about it here. 

By making personalized sound more compact and portable than ever, NURATRUE earbuds represent the natural evolution of our product suite. Plus, we’ve kept in all the features you love and more, to deliver the true wireless experience you’ve always dreamed of. 

NURATRUE features 

Personalized Sound

Jaw-dropping sound that's custom-tuned for you alone.

Battery Life 

Enjoy six hours of music or up to 24 hours from the fast-charge case. Earbuds charge in two hours. Case charges in two and a half hours. 

Immersive Bass 

Choose your preferred level of immersion for richness, depth and bounce you can feel. 

Active Noise Cancellation 

Reduce outside noise and block out everything but your music 

Comfort and Fit 

Choose from four ear tip options, two wing attachments and two foam tips 


With an IPX4 rating, you can take personalised sound anywhere. 

Social Mode 

Tune the world in our out with the touch of a button 

Customisable Touch Buttons 

Use double-tap functionality to choose the way you skip tracks, control volume and more 

Crystal-Clear Calls 

Highly sensitive microphones deliver the highest sound quality


Via BluetoothⓇ 5.9, aptX™ and Bluetooth QuickSwitch. 


Fit detection for optimal sound, in-ear and outer-ear microphones, auto on/off, lithium-ion battery, SBC and AAC. 

If you’ve been waiting for a true wireless option for taking personalised sound on the go, look no further. Other earbuds run on default, NURATRUE run on you. 

Are you ready to leave default behind? Find out more about NURATRUE here.

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