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Sound Not Coming Through Headphones: Nura Troubleshoot

Sound Not Coming Through Headphones? Don’t Worry, We Have You Covered

The Nuraphone is a great pair of headphones. From its comfortable build quality, to its effective sound drivers, advanced noise cancelling technology, extensive battery life, intuitive touch controls and, of course, its signature personalised sound. It offers an unparalleled audio listening experience.

However, in the event that there is no audio coming from your headphones, it is likely an issue with bluetooth connectivity. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy little troubleshooting guide.

Basic Bluetooth Troubleshooting

In the event that you’re having trouble with connectivity, these should be your first steps. They will be the most likely to fix your problem and get you listening to your favourite music in no time:

  • Check that your Nuraphone (as well as the device you’re using to listen to music) have a charged battery. Listen to the audible charge indicator so you know how much percentage your battery has left.
  • Place your Nuraphone on your head, which will both turn it on and initiate Bluetooth pairing.
  • Remove all cables from your Nuraphone, as they stop your phone from connecting via Bluetooth. That includes the analog cable, lightning cable, USB-C, micro-USB or USB-A.
  • Check your device’s settings to ensure that your Bluetooth hasn’t accidentally been turned off.
  • If your device’s Bluetooth is switched on, turn it off and on again, then try to pair your Nuraphone again.
  • Make sure your device is listed as “nuraphone XXX” (where the XXX represents a three-digit code unique to your device) and not “nuraphone XXX[LE]”.
  • Ensure that your Nuraphone and the audio device you are trying to connect to are within 10 feet of each other.
  • Try moving your Nuraphone and your audio device away from any devices that could disrupt your bluetooth connection, such as microwaves or wireless routers.
  • If all these steps haven’t brought results, try restarting your audio device.

Sound Not Coming Through Headphones: Bluetooth Troubleshooting FAQ

What if my Bluetooth connection is cutting in and out?

The thing about Bluetooth is that it’s made for short distance transmissions, so it is possible for audio to cut out from time to time. However, if your Nuraphone is consistently stuttering when connected via Bluetooth, then you have a problem.

Don’t worry though, it can be fixed. You just have to try the following:

- Move your Nuraphone and the audio device you’re trying to connect to closer to each other. Keep in mind that the Nuraphone’s Bluetooth sensor is on the right ear cup, so you should aim to get your audio device as close to the right side of the Nuraphone as possible.
- Move your Nuraphone away from technology that can disrupt the Bluetooth connection. These include metal appliances, microwaves, wireless speakers, external monitors, LCD displays and other wireless devices.
- Check that both your Nuraphone and the audio device you’re trying to connect to have:
- Adequate battery charge
- The latest software (check for any firmware updates in your settings)
- Try pairing your Nuraphone to a different device in order to determine the root of the connection problem.

Sound Not Coming Through Headphones: What if my connection problems are on an Android device?

Typically, Android connectivity problems can be attributed to codec problems. You can change the codec of your Android phone with the following steps. 

- Make sure that your Nuraphone is turned on and connected to your phone.
- Go to Settings, then either: 

- About Phone, then Build Number or
- About, Software Information, More, then Build Number or
- About Phone, Software Info, then Build Number

- Now tap on Build Number seven times (a countdown should start appearing).
- Navigate back to settings and Developer Settings should now be accessible. From here you can select your Bluetooth codec.

What if my connection problems are on a Huawei device?

You can change the codec on a Huawei device using the following:

- Navigate to Settings, then Device Connectivity, then Bluetooth
- Press the gear icon next to your Nuraphone and then turn off high sound quality. This should change the codec from aptX-HD to aptX and reduce or stop the stuttering.

Sound Not Coming Through Headphones: What if my connection problems are with the Nura App?

If your problem is connecting to the Nura app on your phone, there are steps you can take to fix that here:

- For iOS, ensure that the Nura App has Bluetooth access. You will initially be prompted this when launching the Nura app for the first time. 
- Go to Settings, then Nura and ensure Bluetooth is turned on.
- For Android, try accessing the Nura app using a different internet source (i.e. if you’re using WiFi, try switching to mobile data and vice-versa).

If you continue to have sound not coming through your headphones, contact us and we’ll make sure that your problems are solved and you’re back on track towards your perfect audio experience.

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