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Essential Listening: 10 Amazing Songs You’ll Hear Differently With Your Nura Profile

We’re often told that people hear new elements of their favourite music when using their Nura hearing profile. It’s fascinating that artists and producers tuck away sounds into the mix that rarely materialise on the average sound system. We’re also told that emotion is conveyed with more tenacity when using a hearing profile, and that it feels like being at a live concert. It begs the question: how much do we really know about our favourite songs? 

We don’t know what your favourite music is. But we do know that there is more to experience than you might think. To prove that point, we’ve rounded up 10 incredible songs that are emotional, exciting and packed with sounds that you may have never heard – because you’ve never had the chance to really listen. Pop on your Nura device and check out these amazing tracks.

Lianne La Havas - Midnight (Live)

If a Nura hearing profile is capable of placing you in the middle of a live concert, you’ll be in the same room as Lianne La Havas in her live version of Midnight. From the very beginning, the natural harmonics she plays on the guitar are sublime; like ear candy. The track was recorded in Roundhouse, Camden, and you can clearly hear her warm vocal reverberate around the space as her rich backing vocals echo in your ears. Just wait until the shivers hit you when she fills the room mid-way through. An incredible performance that you’ll find yourself returning to over and over again. 

Tame Impala  Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

A true staple of his discography, Tame Impala’s Feels Like We Only Go Backwards exhibits everything we love about his sound. Rich pads, deep basslines, John Lennon-esque vocal layers and impactful drums. If you fancy a dip, take a swim through this song with your Nura hearing profile. Along with the aforementioned, you’ll also hear the craftily distorted vocals and guitar lines nestled behind the main attraction in the second half of the track. Seriously mellow vibes that you’ll settle into with ease.

Madvillain – America’s Most Blunted

Despite apparently being made with a Fisher Price turntable and a sampler, Madlib and MF DOOM’s album has gone down as one of the best hip-hop albums of all time. Testament to that is America’s Most Blunted. Underneath the guitar, beats, and vocal lines lay a web of sounds that will surprise you on every listen. No matter how many times you play this song, there’s always a new sound that you’ve not heard before. You’ll hear more of these details with your Nura hearing profile. 

The Avalanches  – Since I Left You

Just like Madvillain, The Avalanches do a stellar job of creating soundscapes that are deeply layered with samples. Since I Left You is the go-to example of their craftsmanship, with cleverly compiled sounds that seem to complement one another more and more upon every listen. There’s always something to learn whenever you play this song, and you’ll be pleased to know that your Nura hearing profile will bring out the eclectic timbres that are present. So “get a drink, have a good time, now, welcome to paradise.”

Erykah Badu – Fall In Love (Your Funeral) 

On the surface, Erykah Badu’s 2010 track Fall In Love (Your Funeral) is quite simple. A swung beat with a sample playing throughout and Badu’s lyrics layered over the top. Pretty minimal, right? Get those headphones on and listen to what’s really going on. This track might be repetitive, but the addiction lies in the subtle sound effects, vocal layers and synth lines that arise, seemingly randomly, throughout the track. Badu has made some incredible songs – this may not be her most popular, but you’ll have this one on repeat for a few days. Sorry in advance!

Daft Punk – Something About Us

Something About Us is certainly not Daft Punk’s most energetic song. But the robots impeccably imbue funk into this downtempo track all the same. They propel us into space with their use of reverb and clever sound design, and it’s an unskippable track from the iconic Discovery album. It sounds stripped-back but, as is always the case with Daft Punk, there’s always more going on than first meets the ear. You can easily get lost in Something About Us. 

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

Dreams was given another life last year thanks to a TikTok video that it featured in. There’s no doubting why – it’s a fantastically mixed song, rife with emotion in both instrumentation and Stevie Nicks vocals. Listening to this with your Nura hearing profile enhances the wide stereo image it boasts, highlighting the acoustic guitar in the chorus and subtle electric piano riffs that are spread across left and right ears. It doesn’t matter if you play this first thing in the morning or at midnight; you’ll still be moved by everything in this track.

Amy Winehouse – Tears Dry On Their Own

We’re treated twice in Amy Winehouse’s Tears Dry On Their Own. Not only do we hear a beautiful modern rendition of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, but we’re blessed with Amy’s vocals that shine with attitude and fire. Better still, there’s an abundance of orchestration underneath her powerful vocals that you’ll hear in new depths when you’ve got your Nura hearing profile activated. 

Cheryl Lynn – Got To Be Real

Do you know this song? Then you surely know about that key change in the first half. You probably know about that dance break in the middle – we’ve all danced to it! The horns are a standout element in Got To Be Real, no doubt. But the subtle string section and guitar plucks are worth hearing, too; they’re much more funky than you might think. Whatcha feel? Groove! 

Rage Against The Machine – Bullet In The Head

If you’re familiar with Rage Against The Machine, you know they love to swiftly switch up the drama. You’ll hear it on their classics such as Bullet In The Head and Bulls On Parade. But for some real tension, listen to Bullet In The Head. With a Nura hearing profile, the distortion is crisp, and there’s something special about that build-up in the second half. You’ll hear clarity in that riff like never before and probably be left wanting more. 

Love these songs? You’ll love them even more now.

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