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Are Bluetooth Headphones Safe: Here's What You Need to Know

Are bluetooth headphones safe? One thing is for sure; bluetooth headphones are increasingly common. Why wouldn’t they be? They offer comfort and convenience as they provide seamless wireless audio playback. For people who find wired headphones cumbersome, bluetooth headphones are a godsend.

However, like with all new technology, there is some trepidation towards wireless headphones. There are concerns that prolonged use of bluetooth headphones can cause health problems further down the line, such as migraines, fatigue or even cancer. 

While wireless headphones are used more and more, with sales projected to increase by 310 million units worldwide in 2021, there are still many people that ask “are bluetooth headphones safe”.

How do the experts answer “are bluetooth headphones safe”?

While it is impossible to answer the question of “are bluetooth headphones safe” with 100% certainty, there is very little research that links bluetooth headphones definitively to these adverse health effects.

There are a lot of articles on the internet addressing “are bluetooth headphones safe”. They try to make claims in which wireless headphones sit inside your ear canal and bombard your head with harmful radiation. However, while it would be disingenuous to say that these articles are flat out incorrect, the lack of scientific research that supports their statements suggests that they are sensationalist in nature.

When it comes to the question “are bluetooth headphones safe”, here are the facts:

- Bluetooth headphones are a source of non-ionising radiation

- Non-ionising radiation is the low-level classification for electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure that scientists use, and are considered safer than ionising radiation

- It is difficult to measure the long-term effects of non-ionising radiation on health due to the ethical problems of exposing people to large amounts of radiation

- Bluetooth headphones emit 10-400 times less radiation than devices such as smartphones

So, are bluetooth headphones safe?


Ultimately, there is technically not a definite answer to “are bluetooth headphones safe”. However, there is currently insufficient scientific evidence to suggest that bluetooth headphones pose enough of a health risk to stop using them.

What is bluetooth?

We’ve been focused so much on “are bluetooth headphones safe”, that we haven’t talked about what bluetooth even is. 

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that uses radio frequencies to allow for the wireless transfer of data over a short distance. A lot of devices use bluetooth for easy wireless connections, such as phones, headphones, speakers, keyboards, etc.

It was conceived in 1994 as a means of replacing RS-232 telecommunication cables with short range UHF radio waves at a range between 2.4 and 2.485 GHz. It wouldn’t become available to consumers until 1999. It was also named after a 10th century viking king, as it was said that Bluetooth would unite devices in a similar manner to how he had united Denmark and Norway.

Are there any other dangers of bluetooth headphones (and how does the NURALOOP fix them)?

But we just answered “are bluetooth headphones safe”, didn’t we?

While there aren’t any immediately identifiable dangers from bluetooth radiation, there are still certain factors for wireless headphones that can be hazardous if not properly addressed. Luckily, the NURALOOP is a premium pair of bluetooth headphones with measures built in to ensure that your ears are comfortable, and more importantly, safe.

Are bluetooth headphones safe? Well, they are if they fit the ear snugly. There are two reasons for this:

- headphones that don’t fit properly can cause discomfort and pain which, if left untreated, can result in an ear infection.

- headphones that don’t fit properly cause the noise isolation to not be as effective, which could result in the user.

In order to ensure that you always have the proper fit, the NuraLoop is made from high quality materials that make up its lightweight, portable and compact form. Its ergonomic design provides a supportive fit for maximum comfort and all-day listening.

Not only does the NuraLoop come with malleable ear hooks for an adjustable and secure fit, it comes with four different sizes of ear tip to make sure that it fits your ear perfectly. You don’t need to worry about your hearing when you’re listening to your favourite music with the NuraLoop.

Are bluetooth headphones safe? If you’d like to try a safe pair of bluetooth headphones, order the NuraLoop a.k.a the last and the best in-ear headphones you should ever buy.

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