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Best Wireless Earbuds for iPhone: Read Here To Learn More

The Best Wireless Earbuds for iPhone might just be the NURATRUE

That’s right. If you’re thinking of shelling out for a pair of AirPods, we recommend you stop right there. The NURATRUE is the perfect pair of earbuds for any audio playback device, including the Apple’s behemoth of a phone.

Don’t believe us? Well, let’s put them head to head and see which ones are better for the iPhone. It’ll be a match for the ages - two titans of audio going at it until the dust settles and only one remains. The undercard: the budget earbuds known as The NURABUDS and the AirPods, the feature: The NURATRUE and the AirPods Pro!

Too far? Look, a little flair for the dramatic never hurt anyone.

How to find the best wireless earbuds for iPhone

Not just any pair of earbuds can be the best for iPhone. There’s a whole bunch of criteria that each earbud has to knock right out of the park. That’s right. It’s not enough to just be good at those things, the best wireless earbuds for iPhone need to be great.

Let’s get right into it.

Round 1: Noise Cancellation

If you’re listening to music on the iPhone, you’re going to want your earbuds to filter out all background noise, right? Noise isolation is the act of physically blocking outside noise, whereas noise cancelling occurs when a small speaker embedded within the earbud plays an inverse frequency to cancel out existing ambient sounds. While active noise cancelling is good for low frequency noise, such as droning, noise isolation is more effective at blocking more immediate high and mid frequency noises. 

So, it’s already a bit concerning that the AirPods don’t have active noise cancellation. We’ve only just started, and they’re already handing the victory to the NURABUDS. The AirPods Pro, however, join the NURABUDS and the NURATRUE by incorporating both noise isolation and noise cancellation into their design, as well as the ability to toggle noise cancelling on-and-off.

Round 2: Comfort

What’s the point of earbuds that don’t fit nicely, right? You’re not going to be able to listen to much if you put your earbuds on then immediately want to take them off, right?

This is one category where the NURABUDS soundly beat the AirPods. After all, the AirPods only offer a single fit, and if that doesn’t work for you, you’re out of luck. Meanwhile, the NURABUDS come with three different sizes of ear tips and a sweat resistance rating of IPX4.

The AirPods Pro and the NURATRUE slug it out in this category as well, as they both have sweat resistance. However, while the AirPods Pro come with different sizes of silicone tips, the NURATRUE comes with four different sizes of silicone tips, a pair of foam ear tips and two pairs of sports wings.

Round 3: Pricing

Which pair of earbuds is going to leave the smallest hole in your bank account? Earbuds are known for having a price range without a lot of wiggle-room, so here’s the perfect chance for either side to get some hits in.

The Apple AirPods retail for a fairly high asking price, especially if you’re looking for budget earbuds. The NURABUDS, on the other hand, are available through the NuraNow subscription service. For an upfront payment, followed by small monthly transactions, you can use the Nuraphone with the option to cancel any time after the first three months.

What about the AirPods Pro and the Nuratrue? At this point, it just becomes simple maths, really, as the NURATRUE goes for about two thirds of the price of the AirPods Pro. So, if you’re looking for earbuds that aren’t going to hurt your wallet, Nura’s got you covered.

Final Round: Sound Quality

This is where NURABUDS and the NURATRUE win hands-down. Unlike the AirPods, the NURABUDS come with different sound profiles that can be selected with the Nura app, each of which delivers sounds in various ways. You only need to choose the one that best suits your ears. The Nura app allows you to use any sound profile that you have already installed on a different Nura device as well.

The AirPods Pro provides “spatial audio”, which allows for sound to be heard as though it is coming from different directions around you, which could be interesting if you’re into that. The NURATRUE, however, offers a completely personalised listening experience that caters itself to you. It actively monitors how you listen to music by using an extremely small microphone to measure the otoacoustic emission (OAE), a tiny sound that reverberates from the ear when the eardrum vibrates in response to external tones.  It then produces a personalised sound profile based on the information encoded in the OAE that measures your ears’ sensitivity to certain sound frequencies.

If your ears are sensitive, don’t worry. Both the NURABUDS and the NURATRUE have their own different ways of ensuring that whatever sound you play will suit your ears as much as possible.

We have a winner

Does that count as a TKO? It was technical and it was a knockout, after all.

If you’re looking for the best wireless earbuds for iPhone in terms of noise cancellation, comfort, pricing and sound quality, the NURATRUE wins hands down. Try them out and give your iPhone a next generation listening experience.

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