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Best Wireless Earphones for Android: Find Yours Today!

Are you searching for the perfect wireless earphones for Android?

Chances are that you’re finding it to be a bit of a headache. By the time you’re done selecting what audio streaming services you want to commit to and you’ve put your playlists together, who has the energy to then search through all of the different kinds of wireless earphones for Android?

Luckily for you, whether you use Spotify, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Bandcamp, Shazam or even Tidal, the perfect wireless earphones for Android remain the same.

Welcome to NuraLoop, a.k.a “the last earphones you should ever buy” according to Forbes, and the perfect wireless earphones for Android.

Which wireless earphones are compatible with Android phones?

Part of the appeal of wireless earphones is that there are a large number of brands that are compatible with any Bluetooth device. 

However, the NuraLoop is the world’s smartest earphone for a reason. Using otoacoustic emissions (OAEs), NuraLoop develops a sound profile that alters audio playback and tailors the listening experience to your ears, delivering a personalised experience that will change the way you listen to music.

How we test the best wireless earphones

As technology marches on, it’s no longer enough to judge a pair of earphones based on how well they play music. It isn’t difficult for most high-end wireless earphones for Android to be able to play a lossless FLAC file and have the end result sound good.

However, there are other criteria that allow the best wireless earphones to stand out from the rest. Not only does the Nuraloop provide an exemplary audio experience, but it even excels at the little things, such as those we have listed below. 

Which wireless earphones have the best noise-cancelling?

Contrary to popular belief, the best noise cancelling isn’t just the ability to cancel noise. The best noise cancelling offers a superior degree of control as well. Nuraloop earphones don’t just create an immersive soundscape where nothing comes between you and your music, but it gives you complete control over how much noise you want to cancel thanks to its intuitive controls. Do you still want to hear your surroundings? Just switch to Social Mode. It’s easy!

Can you talk on the phone with wireless earphones?

Given that the primary function of an Android is to be a phone, it is surprising how many wireless earphones struggle when it comes to phone calls. With the Nuraloop, the audio of your phone calls will match the quality of your music. Experience crystal clear phone calls that won’t pull you out of your audio experience, thanks to the superior quality of NuraLoop.

What wireless earphones are the most comfortable?

Your wireless earphones could have the most advanced audio technology in the world, but it would all be for nothing if those earphones were not comfortable to wear. 

NuraLoop offers the best of both worlds, pushing innovative audio technology with superior comfort, with its:

- Adjustable and secure ear hooks
- Four different ear tip sizes
- Compact form
- Sweat resistant design

NuraLoop is designed to provide optimal comfort for all listening experiences; whether you’re sitting in your studio, in the middle of a workout or anything in-between. 

Are cheap wireless earphones good?

For many, advanced technology in general is synonymous with a hefty price tag. However, Nuraloop provides an unparalleled audio experience with equally unparalleled pricing. The earphones can be purchased outright or through a subscription service that includes an upfront fee and then small monthly payments. This subscription can be cancelled any time after the first three months.  

What are the best codecs for wireless earphones?

Codecs are an aspect of wireless earphones that are seldom thought about unless you’re a real audiophile, but they are important if you plan on using wireless earphones, as they determine the quality of the bluetooth transmission between your earphones and your device.

NuraLoop supports the following bluetooth codecs:

- Qualcomm aptX-HD, a lossy format that supports higher data rates.
- AAC, advanced audio coding that serves as the standard for lossy digital audio compression.
- SBC, a low complexity sub-band codec that prioritises transfer rates over data fidelity.

How do true wireless earphones differ from regular wireless earphones?

Regular wireless earphones do not have a wire connecting to their device, but they do have a wire connecting to each other, whereas true wireless earphones have no wires whatsoever, relying entirely on bluetooth to connect both to each other and their device.

NuraLoop earphones are not true wireless, however this does not compromise sound quality at all. It is a common misconception that audio quality is affected by whether or not earphones are wireless or true wireless, but other features such as the device’s audio drivers play a more defining role in audio quality.

How to choose the best wireless earphones for you?

Choosing the best wireless earphones for Android might seem like a complicated process, but the reality is that it isn’t. When it comes to all of the criteria you’d use, such as price, codecs, comfortability, functionality and, of course, audio quality; NuraLoop doesn’t just deliver, it excels.

Of course, you’re never going to know for sure until you try it for yourself.

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