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Best Headphones With Mic: Meet Our Latest Gaming Microphone

What happens when you take two of the best things and combine them?

Just ask Nura, who woke up one morning and decided to combine their landmark headphones, the Nuraphone, with a high quality microphone, resulting in the best headphones with mic on the market. 

This spontaneous act of new age technological wizardry has given the world the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone, the best headset microphone combination that can be used for all facets of gaming; from playing the latest games with a next-level soundscape, hanging out in group chat, binge-watching trailers from E3 on a loop, streaming for hours, etc. 

Why do the best headphones with mic matter?

Here’s a question; why shouldn’t your gaming experience be perfect?

Do you do any of the following?

- Pre-order the latest console with impressive specs so you can own it on the day of release
- Regularly replace the parts on your custom rig that you built yourself
- Check the metascore for games before you buy them
- Avoid movies based on video games like the plague

If you do even one of those things, chances are it’s because you don’t want anything ruining your gaming experience; whether it’s missing out on a console exclusive you really wanted, finding out your rig can’t handle a game you were looking forward to, forking out for an unfinished dude of a game, to the directing of Uwe Boll.

The point is, we recognise that you’re making the effort to ensure your gaming experience is as fun as possible, and we want to help by taking the stress out of picking out the best headphones with mic.

The best headphones with mic matter because your gaming experience matters.

What makes the best headphones with mic?

But we get that it’s hard to take what companies say seriously when it comes to gaming, and we definitely don’t want to add to the list of broken promises. 

That’s why we’ve put together a list of all of the reasons that the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone stands out from the rest (and we won’t charge you any microtransactions for it, don’t worry).

A High Quality Build That Will Last A Long Time

What’s the point of a headset if it’s going to conk out before the next console generation? Chances are, if you’re looking to buy a gaming headset, you’re in it for the long haul. You’re planning to play for hours at a time, and you’re going to need the best gaming headset with mic that can keep up with you.

Well, the Nuraphone is made from high quality materials such as a sliding steel headband, sturdy aluminium and biocompatible soft-touch silicon. This combination is engineered to ensure that these headphones will last a long time. You won’t be replacing these headphones any time soon.

A Headset So Comfortable, You’ll Feel Like You’re Cheating

It’s not about finding the headset with the most LED lights or the weirdest shape. It’s about finding the headset that you’re actually going to want to wear. As high grade as your tech specs may be, they’re not going to be worth anything if the headset itself is uncomfortable to use, particularly over an extended period of time (especially with long video game cutscenes have gotten). 

That’s why the Nuraphone was designed to hug the ear while providing next level audio playback. Its high quality materials provide both sturdiness and a soft, comfortable fit. The Nuraphone also contains an in-built TeslaFlow cooling system that circulates air through the ear cups, keeping your ears cool and sweat-free no matter how long you listen. 

Comprehensive Touch Functions to Give You Even More Control

The Nuraphone is built with various playback controls that allow the user to control all aspects of their listening experience. Each button has single, double tap and dial controls whose functions can be customised from the Nura app, going far beyond simple volume control and track skipping.

With how amazing the majority of video game soundtracks are, we get that sometimes you want certain tracks playing over your games. Once you’ve started your music streaming service of choice, our touch functions give you the ease of full control over your playback. There’s no need to stop playing to pull out your phone or navigate back to the streaming app.

Noise Cancellation/Isolation, so Nothing Stands Between You and Your Immersion

Noise cancellation and isolation both play a large role in the audio experience. Who wants to be pulled out of an immersive gaming experience at a pivotal moment by an interruption.

While noise cancellation is achieved by using a small speaker embedded inside an earbud to play an inverse frequency that cancels out existing ambient sounds, noise isolation is a physical blocking of outside sounds. 

Activate noise cancellation blocks low frequency noise, like droning ambience, while noise isolation blocks higher and mid frequency noise more effectively. 

What makes Nuraphone the best headphones with mic, is that it uses both noise isolation and noise cancellation simultaneously. There are small earbuds inside the ear canal that block out external noise in addition to the technology used for active noise cancellation.

However, the noise cancelling capabilities of the Nuraphone can be toggled on and off by the listener using the functionality known as “Social Mode”. With the simple touch of a button, the user can both access and close off all of their surroundings to their heart’s content.

Oh hey, while we’re on the subject of sound... 

Personalised Sound so Your Gaming Experience is Catered To You

While there are many features that set the Nuraphone apart, the personalised listening experience is what truly makes it the best headphones with mic, it’s practically unfair. It provides high quality sound and a build that is both comfortable and durable, but it also provides a listening experience that caters itself to you.

Through a sophisticated process, the Nuraphone monitors how you listen to audio by reading otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) that resonate from your ear drum when you listen to a certain tone. 

They then generate a personalised profile that caters its audio playback to you. You've heard that famous soundtrack from your favourite video game dozens of times before, but now you can hear it in a whole new way because it is tailored to your ears specifically.


Gaming is expensive. If you’re a PC gamer, you’re spending money on PC parts and accessories. If you’re a console gamer, you’re buying a console and an online service. Either way, you’re going to spend a lot of money on games. This is why we offer the Nuraphone and its Gaming Microphone at an affordable price. 

Alternatively, if you decide you don’t want to purchase the Nuraphone outright, you will still be able to experience the best headphones with mic through our Nuranow subscription service. For an upfront payment, followed by small monthly transactions, you can use the Nuraphone with the option to cancel any time after the first three months.

What makes the best microphone?

We’ve discussed why the Nuraphone works as the best headphones with mic, but what about the microphone itself? Headphones are great, but they only make up half of the gaming experience. 

After all, if you can’t share your gaming experience through streaming or group chat, what’s the point? That’s why we’re also going to talk about what makes the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone as exemplary as the Nuraphone itself.

Connectivity That’s Practical For Gaming

The Nuraphone Gaming Microphone uses a wired 3.5mm connection, making it the most practical gaming microphone. Enjoy clear uncompromised audio as you play, no matter who you’re talking to. 

3.5mm microphones connect directly to the PC using the 3.5mm headphone jack. The digital to analog conversion is not performed from the microphone, instead being done by either a sound chip in the PC’s motherboard or the PC’s sound card itself, making it ideal for gaming PCs with high quality sound cards.

Comfortability That’ll Last

Gaming sessions tend to stretch on for hours, don’t they? If you’re about to dedicate the next few hours to playing a game, you will not only need the best headphones with mic but also a microphone that’s comfortable to use. If you’re using an external microphone separate to your headset, this means placing the microphone close to the mouth using a boom arm stand or shock mount. However, this can be very cumbersome for some.

The workaround for this is the integration of gaming microphones into headsets. To that end, the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone is a lightweight module that connects with the Nuraphone to function as a seamless gaming headset. The Nuraphone itself is already built for comfort, and that comfort is not compromised by the addition of the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone.

A Cardioid Sound Pattern

The direction and space in which a microphone records sound are called sound patterns. To accommodate different recording situations, different microphones have different shapes.

Here are some examples of the most common sound patterns:

- Cardioid microphones only record what is directly in front of them, which is why they are also called 'unidirectional' microphones. They are thus well suited for creating content, such as gaming streams, podcasts and music recordings.
- Stereo microphones capture the sound from both the left and right channels, making them ideal for recording sources such as an acoustic guitar or a choir.
- Microphones that are omnidirectional pick up sound in all directions around them. A large variety of events can be recorded utilizing these devices, including concerts, conferences, meetings, and public gatherings.
- A bidirectional microphone records both the front and the back of the microphone, which is ideal for recording a duet or two-person interview.

The Nuraphone is the best headphones with mic due to implementing a cardioid microphone, which makes sense considering that it is only supposed to pick up the sounds coming from your mouth. That way, the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone provides a high quality audio experience for when you’re recording as well as listening.

Frequency That Means High Quality Sound

A mic's frequency range determines what it can hear and record. Having a frequency range of 100-10,000 Hz, the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone can pick up any sound within that range. The human ear can pick up sound frequencies between 20 and 20,000 Hz, so a musician should look for a vocal mic operating at a frequency between 80 and 15,000 Hz.

Together with the cardioid sound pattern, this is how the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone records your voice with perfect clarity and sound quality. Being the best headphones with mic, it focuses on providing clear, quality sound, the boom mic blocks sounds like plosives and reduces background ambience as well as keyboard and mouse sounds. 

What are the best headphones with mic?

The Nuraphone Gaming Microphone is the best of both worlds. The headphones comprehensively enhance the complex soundscapes of video games and deliver them directly to your ears, while the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone records your voice with crystal clarity.

Like a well coordinated team, the Nuraphone and its gaming microphone work together to optimise your gaming experience, whilst fairly earning the title of the best headphones with mic. 


How to Attach the Gaming Microphone to a Nuraphone? 

Have you purchased your own pair of the best headphones with mic but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. 

All you have to do is attach the end part of the Gaming Microphone connector to the Nuraphone cable port placed on the cup rim and slide the hook forward until you hear a ‘click’ sound. This means your Gaming Microphone is secured and ready to use. 

How to Connect to a PC or Mac? 

Are you more of a PC / Mac gamer? 

Don’t worry, you will still be able to fully experience the best headphones with mic regardless of your device preference. 

In order to connect the Nuraphone gaming headset to a PC or a Mac, simply connect it to the headphone port. However, ensure that your computer has a single 3.5mm headphone port that also accepts microphone signals. 

Can I Charge My Gaming Microphone While Being Used?

The Nuraphone might be the best headphones with mic, but it still has the limits of finite battery life. If you find that your microphone is running out of charge, it will start utilising your Nuraphone battery instead. So if you want to enjoy your gaming experience for as long as possible, make sure your Nuraphone is fully charged prior to using. 

How to Personalise Your Sound? 

What truly makes the Nuraphone headset the best headphones with mic is the feature of personalised sound. In order to create your own Hearing Profile, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Find a quiet place with as little background noise as possible. 
  2. Pair your Nuraphone via Bluetooth. 
  3. Download the Nura App on your Android or iOS device. 
  4. Ensure the device has access to the Internet. 
  5. Launch the app and carefully follow the instructions 
  6. Immerse yourself into the sound with the best headphones with mic. 
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