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Best Sound Quality Gaming Headset: Buy The Best Gaming Mic

How exactly do you find the best sound quality gaming headset?

Like a lot of gaming peripherals, when it comes to the best gaming headset, you’re always spoiled for choice. While this can work well for people who want heaps of options to choose from, it can be maddening if all you want is a good sound quality gaming headset so you can start gaming as soon as possible.

Sure, picking the right gaming headset seems simple. But, making the wrong decision can mean sinking too much money on a headset that sounds average and overcompensates with useless LEDs. We’ve seen it happen too many times, so we’re going to save you time and money and just tell you straight out that the Nuraphone is the best sound quality gaming headset.

Okay, we’re also going to tell you why, so keep reading.

Do gaming headsets sound good?

Not all gaming headsets are created equal. Some have a higher asking price, others have more sophisticated technology that can better interpret the sound design of video games. 

Look at how far video games have come in terms of presentation. 

Whether it’s a pin dropping amidst the ominous ambience of a survival horror game, the individual car parts moving in perfect synchronicity in the middle of your favourite racer, every single bone crunching point of contact in a fighting game, distant gunfire inching closer and closer in your favourite competitive eSports game, video game sound design offers whole new levels of immersion for the player to experience.

And that’s not even talking about the scores! There’s nothing like having your finest gaming moments accompanied with epic orchestral suites, brutal thrashing death metal, and everything in between.

Gaming headsets sound good when they have the capability to take these amazing soundscapes and translate them into the perfect listening experience. The Nuraphone achieves this in ways that other gaming headphones can’t even come close to.

What headset has the best sound quality gaming microphone? 

A gaming headset is only as good as its microphone. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to coordinate your squad in the middle of a ranked match or narrating your journey to your massive twitch audience, you need a gaming microphone that isn’t going to quit on you.

The Nuraphone Gaming Microphone pairs with the Nuraphone so that your voice is as crystal clear as the audio being delivered to your ears. 

Are gaming headphones noise-cancelling?

Not all gaming headphones are noise-cancelling, which is crazy, right? Who wants background noise to distract them while they are in the middle of gaming?

But what is noise-cancelling? Both noise cancellation and noise isolation (they are different things) play a large role in the audio experience, even beyond gaming. Noise isolation is the physical blocking of outside sound, whereas noise cancellation is when a small speaker embedded within the earbud plays an inverse frequency that cancels out the existing ambient sound. 

Active noise cancellation is ideal for low frequency noise, namely droning ambience, whereas noise isolation, if used properly, does a better job of blocking more immediate high and mid frequency noise. 

The Nuraphone gaming headset uses both noise isolation and noise cancellation at the same time. Not only does it contain the technology used for active noise cancellation, it has small earbuds that are designed to fit inside the ear canal and block out external sound.

However, say you need to have awareness of the outside world. The Nuraphone still has you covered, as its noise cancelling capabilities can be toggled on and off by the listener using the functionality known as “Social Mode”. With the simple touch of a button, the user can both access and close off all of their surroundings to their heart’s content.

Can gaming headphones cause hearing loss?

Excessive sound, regardless of how it is transmitted, can cause damage to the ear canal that could result in hearing loss. The responsibility is on the player to keep their volume at a moderate level so as to not damage their ears.

However, the Nuraphone helps with that, thanks to its sophisticated noise-cancelling and isolating capabilities. It’s hard to see a reason to crank that volume up when you’ve got a listening experience that is already free from interruption.

What best gaming headsets do pro gamers use?

Pro-gamers go for gaming headsets that will elevate their gaming experience and give them a competitive edge. Many competitive gamers such as Ian “Enable” Wyatt, Jordan “Jkap” Kaplan, Dean “Wolfy” Leander and Mitch “Uber” Leslie have touted the benefits of using the Nuraphone headset for their gaming.

It’s worth noting that you don’t need to be a professional gamer to get the most out of the Nuraphone and its gaming microphone. If all you want is an immersive audio experience to boost your favourite games in ways you never thought were possible, we present to you the Nuraphone.

Can gaming headphones be used for music?

The thing about gaming headsets is that they tend to be big and bulky. That might work for when you’re at your gaming set up. But when you’re out and about, trying to listen to music, it’s not exactly the best option.

This is another edge that the Nuraphone has on other gaming headsets. When you’re finished with gaming, simply detach the microphone and then you can listen to music through your Nuraphone in any setting. 

What is the best sound quality gaming headset?

But this is where the Nuraphone definitively outshines all other gaming headsets. Sure, gaming headsets might boast impressive features, but only the Nuraphone has personalised sound.

Through a sophisticated process, the Nuraphone monitors how you listen to audio by reading otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) that resonate from your ear drum when you listen to a certain tone. The Nuraphone then generates a personalised profile that caters its audio playback to you. That’s right, imagine all of the different sound components that come together to make the audio of a video game, only now they’ve been engineered specifically for your ears. 

Sounds exciting, right?

What gaming headset should I buy?

Look, if you got to the end of this article and still don’t think the Nuraphone is the answer to this question, then we don’t know what to tell you.

After all, if you’re looking for a gaming headset with unparalleled audio quality with various features to elevate your gaming experience to the next level, the Nuraphone has you covered in practically every way.

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