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The Best Earbuds For Working Out: Choose Yours Today!

What are the best earbuds for working out? 

What are your workouts like? Are you working up a sweat with some intense cardio or are you lifting to try and get that sculpted Adonis body of your dreams? Are you just starting out, or has the gym been your life for the past few months or years? Are you listening to podcasts so you can work your mind as well as your body, or are you listening to music because if a soundtrack could power Rocky Balboa through six movies worth of workouts, surely it’ll do the same for you?

Whatever your fitness journey looks like, you need earbuds that can keep up. That’s why we’ve got two different types of earbuds - NURABUDS and NURATRUE. That way, there’s a pair for everyone.

Here are the reasons why NURATRUE and NURABUDS are the best earbuds for working out.

What makes the best workout earbuds?

You know how, with workouts, you have to target different muscles in order to get the best results? It’s the same thing with earbuds. NURABUDS and NURATRUE are the best earbuds for working out because they target multiple factors and pull them off perfectly.

We know that it’s much easier to see your workout to the end when you’ve got the best earbuds in your ears, so we made sure that our earbuds are easy to use as they offer the highest quality audio possible, with an unparalleled level of comfort. 

Here are the various ways that the NURABUDS and NURATRUE will take your workout game to the next level… 

Active Noise Cancelling

Both NURABUDS and NURATRUE feature noise isolation and active noise cancelling. In noise isolation, the outside sound is physically blocked. With noise cancellation, a small speaker embedded in the earphone plays an inverse frequency that cancels out the ambient noise.

Now, if there’s a place with abundant ambient noise, it’s gyms. From the machines, to the guys grunting next to you as they lift way more than they probably should, to those house remixes of early 2000s pop songs that are played on a constant loop over the gym’s loudspeakers, there’s a lot of noise that your earbuds need to cancel.

If your fitness goals are ambitious, your workout is going to take a while. If you’re cranking the volume up because your earbuds can’t keep that sound out, you’re going to cause intense damage to your ears. That’s why you need noise cancelling that works.

NURABUDS and NURATRUE have tips that fit inside the ear canal and block outside noise, supporting their sophisticated active noise cancelling technology. No matter which of the two you choose, you'll have the best workout earbuds that will allow your workouts to be distraction free, and nothing will stop your music from keeping you pumped and ready to go. 

Comfortable Build

Workouts are already uncomfortable enough without your earbuds digging in. While you push your body to its limits (carefully, of course), your earbuds should be providing a comfortable listening experience.

Both NURABUDS and NURATRUE have the following to make your listening comfortable, so you can focus on getting those reps in:

— An IPX4 level sweat resistance, so you can workout in the gym, the outdoors, and even the beach

— Different-sized ear tips to ensure a perfect fit that will keep your earbuds in your ear while you’re exercising

NURATRUE also comes with fit detection, so you can use them with the knowledge that you’re wearing them properly for an optimal listening experience.

Intuitive Touch Controls

There isn’t a single person on this Earth who likes stopping their workout to change their music. Nobody wants to lose that momentum when they’re in the middle of a set. Don’t try and name any examples, they don’t exist.

But what if you don’t want to listen to this particular song? Maybe your favourite podcast is doing an ad-read that feels like it will never end. Perhaps the song that just finished was so good that you want to hear it again. Instead of stopping what you’re doing and reaching for your phone, thus losing time and motivation to continue what you’re doing, NURATRUE and NURABUDS have you covered. 

They do this, of course, with intuitive touch controls on the earbuds, allowing you to control your music with the simple press of a button. So, keep at it with your set, because thanks to NURATRUE and NURABUDS, you have no excuse not to.

Long Lasting Battery

Picture this; you’re halfway through your set, you’ve passed your previous threshold and you’re feeling great. Your shuffle has been on your side tonight, playing banger-after-banger. This song in particular is fitting perfectly. One last rep and then you can take a little break. It’s all going so perfectly. 

Then, all of a sudden…

“Battery low”.

Well, now you have to decide whether or not it’s worth waiting for your earbuds to charge. On the one hand, you’re busy and you want to get your workout out of the way. On the other, you just know it’s going to be difficult without your music to keep you going. It’s an annoying dilemma that you shouldn’t have to deal with in the first place.

Both NURABUDS and NURATRUE offer long lasting battery life. With NURABUDS, you can enjoy 4 hours of music or up to 10 hours with the fast-charge case. NURATRUE, on the other hand, offers 6 hours of continuous music plus 3 more charges with the fast-charge case.

Now, if you’re working out for longer than 4-6 hours at a time, we really recommend you take a break.

Pricing Options

Here’s where even the biggest person in the gym starts to feel a little chill down their spine. Gym memberships already do a number on the wallet without tagging in your earbuds to go a few more rounds. Here’s the biggest difference between NURABUDS and NURATRUE. If you’re having reservations about buying NURATRUE outright, you can instead purchase NURABUDS through our NURANOW subscription service for a small one time flat fee and then an even smaller monthly subscription.

NURANOW subscriptions come with additional features, such as subscriber discounts, offers and giveaways each month. Additionally, there are no long term contracts (with the customer able to cancel after the first three months), and the opportunity for the customer to receive an additional Nura device of equal value to their initial purchase every 24 months.

Sound Profiles

What sets Nura devices apart is their sound profiles, which is how they deliver their perfect sound. 

NURABUDS have built-in sound profiles that you can select using the Nura app. All you have to do is select the one that best suits your ears. In fact, if you have your own personal sound profile from a different Nura device already installed onto the Nura app, you can use that one as well.

NURATRUE, however, offers a completely personalised listening experience that caters itself to you. It actively monitors how you listen to music by using an extremely small microphone to measure the otoacoustic emission (OAE), a tiny sound that reverberates from the ear when the eardrum vibrates in response to external tones.  It then produces a personalised sound profile based on the information encoded in the OAE that measures your ears’ sensitivity to certain sound frequencies.

Both earbuds offer a heightened listening experience that perfectly complements your workout. It’s up to you to decide which one you’d prefer.

In case you skipped to the end…

We get it. You’re busy. You’ve got stuff to do, so we’re going to cut to the chase. 

Both NURABUDS and NURATRUE are the best earbuds for working out, thanks to:

— Active noise cancelling and noise isolation
— Comfortable, sweat resistant builds
— Extensive touch controls
— Long lasting batteries
— Pricing options that won’t strain your bank account
— Sound profiles that offer an unparalleled listening experience

How to choose the best workout earphones for you?

We’ve taken you as far as we can by telling you everything you need to know about the NURABUDS and the NURATRUE. But now, the final decision is yours. 

Of course, if you have any more questions, contact us.

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