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11 of the Best Classic Rock Tracks to Crank Up to 11 on Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day here in Australia, and there’s only one way to celebrate – a dad rock listening party. We’ve picked out some classic rock anthems from the 60s through to the 00s that dads have loved over the years, and that had a significant impact on today’s music. With your Nura profile active, you’ll hear the full force of the crunchy, distorted guitars and the raw emotion of the vocalists in each track. 

So, whether you’re thinking of your father today, celebrating the day with him or your partner, or just feel like rocking out to some classic tunes, pop on your Nura device and crank it up to 11. 

The Doors – Break on Through

The Doors, fronted by Jim Morrison, emerged in the late 60s with their self-titled debut peaking at second on the US Billboard charts. It then went multi-platinum and has been ranked by NME, Rolling Stone, Q and more as one of the greatest albums of all time. The opening track of The Doors’ debut album is Break On Through, boasting a killer guitar riff, psychedelic organ lines, powerful vocals and a hint of bossa nova on the drums. NASA even played this one to wake up their robot on Mars

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

Pink Floyd created plenty of timeless hits in their active years – it’s hard to pick out just one. But Wish You Were Here, recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, is one of the more moving pieces the band recorded. This track is part of a concept album of the same name that explores themes of alienation and disenchantment from the music industry and is a tribute to founding member Syd Barrett. “We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl”, solemnly sings David Gilmour over a heartfelt acoustic guitar part and slow beat.

Beastie Boys – No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Beastie Boys had a profound impact on the hip-hop scene and are among the few hip-hop groups in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, alongside icons Run DMC, Public Enemy and NWA. They were experts at weaving elements of rock and punk into their music, and No Sleep Till Brooklyn is a shining example of it. Kerry King from Slayer played the main guitar riff and solo, while the song’s title is a play on Motörhead’s album, No Sleep ‘til Hammersmith. Your Nura device will let you hear all the heavy tones on this metal-infused hip-hop masterpiece. 

AC/DC – Back In Black

This is the quintessential AC/DC track. Back In Black’s opening guitar riff is instantly recognisable by millions across the globe. In fact, you probably don’t need much introduction to this song – even the youngest generations will have heard it played in Marvel’s Iron Man and Spider-Man Far From Home. But just remember: this was one of the Aussie band’s first tracks with singer Brian Johnson, whose raspy vocal timbre set the tone for an AC/DC without the legendary original singer, Bon Scott. 

ZZ Top – La Grange

Sadly, ZZ Top bassist and vocalist Dusty Hill passed away this year, but his legacy certainly lives on. La Grange was the blues-rock band’s first hit and went down as one of the best guitar tracks of all time, according to Rolling Stone and Q. We can see why – that laid-back guitar line evolves into an unforgettable powerhouse riff, complemented by smooth vocals and epic drum fills.

Toto – Africa

Is Toto’s Africa the greatest song of all time? According to a poll by All Things Loud and a scientist speaking to Gizmodo, it is. It’s hard to disagree when you hear that rich synth intro and anthemic chorus. Toto’s smash hit exudes nostalgic 80s vibes, and reached a billion streams on Spotify this year. You know you want to listen to this one – hurry, boy, it’s waiting there for you! 

The Animals – House Of The Rising Sun

The Animals’ take on the traditional folk song, House Of The Rising Sun, became the first folk-rock hit, topping the US and UK charts on its release. Despite also being performed by Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton, Five Finger Death Punch, Jody Miller and countless others, The Animals’ version is the one that’s gone down as one of the best songs of all time. That guitar intro will be stuck in your head for days. 

Santana – Black Magic Woman

Dads love guitar god Santana. His version of Fleetwood Mac’s 1968 song Black Magic Woman blends jazz, Latin rhythms and some seriously fantastic guitar playing. Released in 1970, Santana’s version shot to the top of the charts and became renowned for its guitar hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides, and vocals by Gregg Rollie, who went on to be the vocalist for Journey. Make sure your Nura profile is on when you get lost in Santana’s dreamy playing on this one. 

Fleetwood Mac – The Chain 

No classic rock playlist would be complete without at least one of Fleetwood Mac’s hits. The Chain opens with an iconic guitar lick with attitude, followed by Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham’s bellowing vocals, and features a bass-heavy instrumental breakdown later in the track that was the theme tune for Formula 1 for years. This track is packed with emotion, too, written at a time where the band’s relationships – both internal and external – were crumbling. You can just hear the passion in the vocals of this song.

Stereophonics – Dakota

Sure, Stereophonics is a slightly more modern band than others on this list, but they’re worthy of a spot on the dad rock charts with Dakota. This song is one of many that epitomises the indie-rock sound of the early 00s, with its bright, clean guitars and layered vocals. Despite this being only 17 years old, you’ll feel some serious nostalgia listening to this, no matter what your age.

Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze

Purple Haze is the ultimate rock track. It’s got it all: intense drums, gritty guitars, angry vocals and a deep bassline. It’s one of Hendrix’s most popular tracks for good reason – it’s him at his best. It’s been listed by multiple publications as the best guitar track of all time and was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's "500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll". You need this track in your life, no matter who you are. 

There's nothing better than the NURATRUE for dad to re-listen to all his favourites again, with the depth and detail his music deserves. Learn more about it here. If you are on Spotify, we've created a playlist of all these songs below.

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